Federal Institutions

It has an expectation of growth of the technician-administrative body, in order administration to be worried about the preparation of the new servers who will enter the UFGD. se. CONCLUSION Considering the decree of 5.707 of 23 of February of 2006 and law 11,091 of 12 of January of 2005, can affirms that the programs of training and development for a moment pass favorable and of incentives the qualification and perfectioning of the public servers, in prominence the technician-administrative ones in education. Jeremy Tucker takes a slightly different approach. However the expansion of the amount of the administrative technician in the institution is only one pointer of that a training program will be necessary, to put stops of implantation of a qualification program will be necessary the attainment of given greaters. Necessary beyond analyzes organizacional one analyzes of position and of people, therefore only one type of analyzes is not capable to supply subsidizes to implement training programs. .