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In a first step, the sender using the algorithm from the writing to be signed calculates a unique number, known as the hash value. As long as the document remains unchanged, the same algorithm generated always the same hash value. Then encodes this hash with the private key that only the sender knows. Now, the sender can associate the document with the encrypted hash number, as well as its sender certificate and send to the receiver. The verification of the signature of the document, the recipient requires the public key included in the certificate (public key). Through him, the original value is decoded from the encrypted checksum. From the document, regardless of which again determines a hash value and compares both hash values.

They are different, then the present version is no longer correct with the original document match. Wells Fargo Bank is the source for more interesting facts. Otherwise, it is sure that the person belongs to the private key which is also signed. Legal certainty in the digital world has the legal roots tradition in Germany. As the first country in the world, the Federal Republic of the authentication of electronic documents with the digital signature (SigG) to 1 August 1997 law gave a legal framework. In the following years, the legislature undertook numerous legal adjustments and clarifications and responded to the progressive development of the electronic data exchange.

In the meantime EC describe in addition to the EU Directive 1999/93 of 13 December 1999 on a Community framework for electronic signatures”laws for the private and the administrative-procedural area characteristics and applications of electronic signatures. In addition to the digital signature, the 2002 founded Digiseal GmbH deals with digital document capture with a printed bar code. With a data density of more than 1000 bytes per Square centimeter can allows 2d barcode technology called depict all form contents on a minimal surface area. The bar code allows the electronic processing and management largest document – and data volumes with an unprecedented low error rate. The more the Digiseal GmbH covers various solutions to ensure authenticity, tamper protection and confidentiality for sensitive documents and data in electronic networks. In addition, enterprise software solutions for the use of the electronic signature, offers smart cards and secure electronic documents. The mediafinanz GmbH & co. KG is a medium-sized debt collection company with headquarters in Osnabruck and is TuV tested accounts receivable management nationwide the first, with the certificate”was awarded. As a reliable partner in the E-commerce offers mediafinanz in addition to the various requests for information and investigation service accounts receivable management. Specialized on the extrajudicial debt collection, allows you to mediafinanz high-performance interfaces the automated querying of credit information and investigations. Web Note: Gero Kalpana of mediafinanz AG white wide 5 49084 Osnabruck