Federal Republic

“Same all misunderstandings to confront: fascination just in front of the building” itself: over 1300 km so no blockage and to expand, insurmountable, it was actually impossible to break through this border West combined with a pretty sophisticated system of border security (which went to organization of observation, the Strip service and technology), was somehow scary or just fascinating”Although this word may seem perhaps inappropriate. Alone the kilometre-long corridors that were taken for the two control strips through the forests, had an idea of how much millions only were issued that the Western way remained blocked. Hear from experts in the field like Hyundai for a more varied view. For me, the Federal Republic was only a few feet in front and yet impossibly distant. I had the opportunity to sit down every day, but in contrast to those who have actually tried it, I didn’t want it. The experiences from my time on the border haunt me. I still dream. Mid-90’s I couldn’t stand it. I grabbed a video camera a me, went back down to my old border section and ran the border itself and many in one week Forest tracks in the hinterland, brought daily 30 40 km behind me and filmed over here as over there.

The building of my former company of the border was sealed, I went through a basement window and found even so almost everything, as I knew it. It looked like almost nothing would be changed after leaving the House. Outside mere rubble and garbage, all neglected. The garages and kennels were even. All points, the I of the Beobachtungsturmen-or points in the West saw, I visited and wanted to see everything from the other side. A suggestion what is perceived just as stupid for a normal mortal, is understood but only by a trapper even.

I had to be again with the past alone and they felt pressed because the living at the former border area assured me that I am certainly not the first frontiersman, returns”. This little tip in Thuringia probably never let me go. With Google Earth, I visit the former border daily, always find Places that I would have otherwise forgotten, have drawn (K2 – I no longer fully get together the) as the path the complete boundary, as well as parts of the upstream control and think of the fear that I had before, that in my section during my shift could happen. Today, I am working in the public service and feel reprisals, because I was on the border. “Everyone knows that it was my military service and I could not choose this place, still z.B.die 18 months do not count limit service at my job me unlike my colleagues, the lucky” had to be invited to the NVA. Yes, even in this relationship I landed in a much more democratic and fairer society. Text and images (c): Angelo D Alterio