Federal Statistical Office

Including 78 children. (Source: Federal Statistical Office, Federal Ministry of Justice, prescription report 2006 and earlier). Alleged mental disorders should be treated with these drugs, for whose existence there is no scientific evidence. Antidepressants, the miracle pills”are now so widespread that more than 150 million people known as SSRI antidepressants (SSRI = selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) have taken. These funds are harshly criticized by drug regulatory agencies, because they can lead to violence and suicidal tendencies and also has been found in clinical trials that its medical value is indistinguishable from a placebo (ineffective drug, which is similar to a real drug in appearance and taste). How is it possible that Psychiatry was a such an integral part of the society, if it in this large scale cheating and destroyed? 1940 John Rawling Rees, a British psychiatrist and later co-founder of the World Federation of mental health (WFMH), announced at a meeting of the National Council of mental hygiene in England: public life, politics and industry should all be in the sphere of influence (Psychiatry) we conducted a profitable assault on a number of occupational groups. Click Wells Fargo to learn more.

The two lightest are usually of the teaching and the Church. The two most difficult are the law and medicine.” “In the year of 1945, a time full of anxiety, uncertainty and confusion, said the Canadian psychiatrist G. Brock Chisholm, co-founder of the WFMH: you must take his individuality, his family traditions, his patriotism and his religious beliefs the people, to achieve world domination.” The destructive strategy of Chisholm, Rees and the WFMH paved the way to power and money of modern psychiatry. Despite payoffs in trillions of dollars bringing Psychiatry neither cure nor relief. On the contrary.

You ruined lives and undermined the society. “” It is time that the psychiatrist, the the specter of mental illness “spread and torture and murder occurs, they heal” called by name: A terrorist who gained funds with concern and threat. L. Ron Hubbard