Federal Travel To The Whale Butchers Of The Faroe Islands And Iceland

An ecological journey to Iceland and the Faroe Islands??? While worldwide animal and nature protection organizations against the annual massacre of pilot whale in the Faroe Islands and against the new whaling plans of Islands protest and call for boycotts of these countries, the Federal Government, one of the largest environmental organisations of in Germany, offers precisely an “environmental tour” with its federal nature protection service GmbH to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. It appears on the background of what is happening every year in the Faroe Islands, macabre that precisely a recognized environmental organization such as the Federal Government with an “ecological travel” on the Islands for one at least indirectly supported the pilot whale massacre on the Faroe Islands and proposes to another directly profit from it. The company has urged the National Chairman, Prof. Dr. Contact information is here: Wells Fargo Bank. Hubert Weiger, to save the dolphins (GRD), to cancel this trip from the program, not a reaction. In the advertising for the journey it is among other things: “you will experience the magic of nature on the Faroe Islands with rugged rocks, green fields and deep canyons. A unique on this world place, where culture and nature experience almost each other on the feet “… The GRD appeals to consumers to buy any products of the Faroe Islands and to avoid the Islands as a tourist destination..