Federation Security

User protection / IT support for SMEs / national security strategy: the Federal Government now draws the right conclusions? The TeleTrusT security Federation sees the current debate on the monitoring system “PRISM” as an opportunity to bring in particular the benefits of solutions ‘made in Germany’ in the spotlight and urges the Federal Government to act now. According to current media reports raise US authorities, namely the national security agency, in the programme of the “PRISM” or “Upstream” to a significant extent, and routine data from the communications monitoring of users of large American Internet services. For IT security professionals this insight neither surprising nor new is only the obvious dimension. The United States collect data with the first legitimate motivation, to protect itself from terrorist attacks. The underlying “Patriot Act” has the authorities shortly after the attacks of the 11.09.2001 large game room access Given data from Internet users. So far, it was unclear to what extent U.S.

Services actually use these rights granted. German authorities, companies and private users should ask what consequences they draw. Whether that access to data target leader and American institutions determine what legal framework it is,. A participation right is obviously denied, German institutions, companies and private users apart from the possibility of the non-use of the market-dominating Internet services. Also hidden remains, into which use context the data collected. Authorities are in the special requirement, select a trusted provider with German safety approval or certification. Home users have provided the option to use a local Mailkommunikationsdienstleister, these able to rebuild confidence, disturbed by the current operations as a whole.

Security is the crucial element. TeleTrusT criticised in this context that since two Years unsuccessfully a data protection agreement between the EU and the United States is being negotiated. TeleTrusT supports the European demand that U.S. partners must accept two basic conditions: – give redress for citizens in U.S.