First Poetry Letterbox

The artist Katharina Schweissguth in Munich has installed a mailbox only for poetry. The Munich-based artist Katharina Schweissguth on the Hans Mielich Platz in Munich hung a mail box only for lyrical post on 16 September 2013. Anyone who wants to, can send his self-written poems to or poems, which we really liked him. With the installation of the post box, the artist directs a two-year-old poetry project with the citizens initiative more space to the life / art Forum”a. A poetry festival in place of the letter box is celebrated as the final climax on 24 July 2015. The project promotes poetry in various forms as well as the handwritten word. The poetry project of Katharina Schweissguth want to wake the sleeping potentials of poetry in the population.

It is to decide whether he (or she) sends a rhyme or rap, a sonnet or a Gstanzl each poetry mailers. A censorship does not take place, only obvious abuse will be considered undeliverable. The artist asks the writers and writers: Please if possible specify the author and sender! And please hand write!” The material, however, is optional: it can be a beautiful stationery, a beer CAP, anonymously or the back of the tax assessment notice. It is desirable to the variety of manuscripts and papers, because the poems processed by 2015 by the Munich at the poetry festival to an installation. These poems, which have recorded individual transmitted by sensual manageable and with the public. Marathon Capital contains valuable tech resources.

Poetry friends but don’t have to wait until 2015. Until then there will be, a series of activities around the poems such as public exhibitions and readings. Mitmacherinnen and contributor wanted the planning is continually the submissions and proposals from service complying matched. So not only poems to the mailbox may be sent, but poets and Poetesses, individuals or organizations that want to have proposals for actions, or occur at the poetry festival, can apply through the letter box and participate in the promotion.