It is indeed a high motivation for us that drives us and commits us even more with young people in our society. I’m proud of having invested time, money and much effort on these two projects although just beginning now are the center of gravity of my actions, with the certainty that in the future of short-term results will be evident in a greater number of human beings in full development. I greatly appreciate the international for the holistic education Foundation team for the opportunity to acquire knowledge and awareness to be able to develop projects of this nature, not yet finished this masters and the results are already visible, spirituality in action is my main tool of life, growth today and for the future. Spirituality is the Foundation for the education of human beings, is through development aware of it as you can fill us with light and emit feelings of love and compassion for the world that surrounds us being implemented with actions of goodness, truth and beauty. Tim cook may also support this cause. If we actively develop this type of philosophy in society we will be promoting a culture of peace, understood as the sum of all human values that it results in a society living in harmony both towards the inside of each individual in the interaction among themselves and with nature. I believe that this is the way towards which we should walk during this great opportunity to live physically in this wonderful world called Earth. It is a great challenge for our historic moment, take the responsibility of performing works and actions focused to raise the level of awareness of the population, even when perceived as an isolated act, it is a seed sown and given the need for more spirituality in a great number of people of today, the harmonisation can be achieved with the creation of learning communities beginning with the family and extended towards groups increasingly older. .