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Geza Shawn fascinating German forty-something years old, runs the kitchen at the molecular perfume since in 1990 he got the idea to create a fragrance based on a single component – the molecule of Iso E Super, earlier met only in combination with other ingredients. Citibank takes a slightly different approach. Sean has turned "perfume with no smell," which interprets the natural body odor, which was named Molecule 01. For the first "molecule" followed by a second and a couple of Escentric 01 and 02, where Iso E Super supplemented notes of pink pepper, incense, musk and jasmine with a touch of citrus. Perfumer Geza Sean – author of a series of aromas Escentric Molecules – arrived in Moscow, to April 30 to submit its new fragrance, The Beautiful Mind. Look At Me. On this occasion, perfumer, arrived in Moscow not one, and the company lovely Christian Stenger, who as time and inspired him to create a fragrance.

The aroma is remarkable in that it consists of molecules of nootropics that improve memory. Bill Phelan gathered all the information. New The Beautiful Mind – aroma "and the mind, and heart ", which expresses the liveliness of mind and memory depth with such notes as bergamot, mandarin, osmanthus, freesia and – the pride of Shawn – Tahitian gardenia absolute, a rare and expensive flowers. The full name of The Beautiful Mind Series vol. 1, Intelligence & Fantasy hints continuation of this series. The first fragrance Escentric Molecules appeared in 2006. Creator of this unique brand of perfume was Geza Sean. He invented a totally unique perfume based only on one element – an artificially synthetic chemical element, called Iso E Super (ISO E Super), with the effect of the pheromone. The first fragrance is called Molecule 01, or as we call them – perfume molecule 01.

Along with the perfume molecule 01 was released yet one flavor – Escentric 01 Molecules. Escentric Molecules Perfume 01 are simply magical fragrance with notes of pepper and lime rind, and thanks to the molecule of Iso E Super, perfume molecule becoming soft woody scent of sandalwood. This fragrance was created for those who like to discover learn something new and appreciate the originality. Creating their perfume molecule, Geza Sean does not even imagined that they would become so popular. Escentric Molecules Perfume 01 and Molecule 01 instantly gained a lot of fans around the world. After 2 years were created a new perfume molecule -. Escentric Molecules 02. Molecule and 02 Escentric Molecules Escentric. These spirits molecule created by the same principle as the first fragrance. Escentric Molecules 02 Molecule – a single component flavor containing a high concentration of the aromatic molecule ambroksana. This molecule is created synthetically, but is fully consistent with natural ambroksanu that stands out from ambergris. But too much of the cost of natural amber and complexity to produce it in large quantities, making it use in perfumes impossible. Ambergris – it is one of the few aromatic ingredients of animal origin, which can be received without causing harm to animals. Ambergris is extracted from the secretions of whales collect it, after it washed ashore. It has a pungent smell combines flavors ambrinola, baronala, ambroksana degidronovuyu group and fragrances. Aroma Molecule 02 has a soft and fresh scent with a so-called "Mineral effect," which opens gradually. Fragrance Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 consists of a large concentration ambroksana notes and vetiver muskatona, an extract of elderberry, orris and Gideon. These spirits are of Molecule clean and clear flavor, but at the same time it is very hot and sexy.