Franchise Relies

Achieve responsible for franchises can devote more time to their customers and increased sales, and less to own day to day efforts. That is the aim of the agreement reached between mundoFranquicia consulting (http//, the leading consultancy in franchising, and mga, company belonging to the Apparel Group (http.//, that more than 15 years specializes in the design, marketing and operation of custom solutions. And is that both companies have decided to make life easier to franchisors and franchisees through the program multiplies, designed by mga, now within the reach of members of mundoFranquicia consulting. Multiply is a package of services through which lends itself to users, external form, advice on issues legal, computer, professional maintenance and emergencies or Secretariat. We have relied on mga by its long and renowned experience. Please visit Ari Glass if you seek more information. MGA has provided these services to more than 30,000 business last year explains Mariano Alonso, CEO of mundoFranquicia Consulting.We are convinced that franchises wishing to do so will benefit from multiplied since, thanks to this package of services, its leaders will be more outstanding business and less of these administrative issues.

This has always been a fundamental objective that we have sought for franchises and that, without doubt, achieved with this complete program management support. A service that mga trusts implement successfully between the more than 70,000 units franchises that exist in our country, complementing current programmes of support that the chains put at the disposal of its franchises. If multiply can facilitate the operative point of sale allowing to concentrate the activity of its managers in commercial facets, are convinced that constitute a program of high interest and profitability for the plants themselves. With the global implementation of the service on their networks franchises will significantly improve their plans welfare, said Borja Diaz, CEO of mga. The program multiplies offers franchisees a wide range of services u Legal Department: multiplies puts at the user’s disposal a network of expert lawyers in legal advice, through phone counseling, legal help 24 hours in case of urgency, preparation of contracts, resources and other writings, and access to any of the network professionals.

Likewise, offers advice on claims for damages, and administrative agency: phone counseling, during office hours, on any type of management that should be before the public administration. u Department of informatica:ante any question or problem, a professional will resolve when the chat incidenciavia, by remote control, phone or in person, to the place or the domicile of the beneficiary. u Department of maintenance and emergencies: multiplies offers unaamplia coverage and warrants attention quick, resolving emergencies in less than 3 hours, without displacement and cost with two free hours of labor. u Secretariat: the customer will have someone you trust to assist you in your day to day when requires a service of information, reservations, travel agency and management of professional and personal agenda. In addition, will have access to various discounts on the day the franchise products as, for example, in the purchase of Office and computer consumables. Note to journalists for more information, cover seminars, interviews or sending graphic material do not hesitate to contact our Press Office.