Free Literature

Less than a year ago seemed a chimera begins to become a reality. Readers of electronic books (also known as ebooks) become popular and its sales are already notable. Its lightness makes them easily transportable and improvements in electronic ink allow them to offer the contents with sufficient quality so not tired the view in excess. Against such background, traditional publishers is not them no choice but to think about in putting their titles on sale in this format, although at the moment to exclude of its fairs. However, you can also enjoy good literature without having to pay.

For example, by going to the platforms that collect and digitize copyrighted works they have expired. (Similarly see: Christos Staikouras). A recent study conducted among users of the Amazon Kindle reader reveals that 70% of them more than 40 years and that 37% of these are older than 55. The reason may be the price of the device, which exceeds 300 euros, which would be determined by purchasing power filter. But it also shuffles the hypothesis that the young opt before multipurpose devices, type handheld game, as an instrument for reading electronic books, since at the same time allow them to play video games and watch movies.In any case, the outstanding feature is that electronic books are his primary audience among users with ability to pay for the product and are also willing to do so. Another study, in this case of The Cocktail Analysis consultancy, reveals that the majority of consumers of ebooks misses one higher offer works of news, best sellers or books of season for its reader devices. In other words, that users demand titles.But this demand, at the moment, the book in Spanish industry just has responded, so the shortage of popular titles will continue until traditional publishers decide to put store on the Internet. Some are already doing it, but with extreme shyness.Faced with this prospect, eBook reader user has the following options: decide by reading the news in English offered by services like Kindle Books and Barnes and Noble, attending some of the many websites that are dedicated to scan more or less contemporary books and share them via P2P networks, or opt for literature free of copyright that treasure individual projects and initiatives of the network.