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In the foreground is the separation of consulting and sales financial assets. The consumer must be clear in the consultation, with whom he has to do it: with a broker who benefited from the sale of financial products and for which the consultation is a necessary precursor or an independent consultant, who lives only by the consulting services. His fee is therefore dependent on the sale of financial products. The honorary investment advice Act to enter into force already mid 2014 in Germany. An organizational separation of (Commission based) investment advice and the honorary Advisory is prescribed for investment service providers. By an extension of the fine rules effective enforcement of the established for the fee investment advice do’s and Don’ts is also in addition to the other regulatory sanctions of supervisors created. In addition to these requirements in the securities trading act on the honorary advisors a permit requirement for the honorary financial investment advisor is introduced in the GewO also, who may advise only to certain financial products such as mutual funds. Finally, a clear-cut and unambiguous title should enable the customer to identify the qualified form introduced by this law, fee-based investment advisory and trust that the consultation meets the increased well-being conduct provided on the honorary Advisory.

Mixing models a thing of the past. “Michael Oehme: the law is a promising step in the right direction – but most experts wish you a basic deepening and more regulations.” Criticized, for example, is that there might be a juxtaposition of fee and Commission guidance in the future banks. For consumers it’s still hard with the A variety of terms to deal and to make a clear decision. For more information,