Goldphone Mobile

What else could so delicately highlight your good taste and originality but the stylish mobile phone? Or laser-engraved your own picture on the cigarette lighter? And, maybe, expertly printed on your laptop spring landscape, pleasing You with its sunny colors before starting work? Modern technologies have reached a development that became possible to apply paint on virtually any surface – with the help of airbrushing and the laser can achieve very high level of complexity figure. Just in time for this and a design studio specializing, capable of transforming even the most mundane thing, whether it's MP3-player, stick the car or watch a real piece of art. But as yet Cell phone call gorgeous, glittering diamond shine from hundreds of rhinestones ? Agree, have such a thing is not just pleasant – awareness of its uniqueness allows its owner to stand out from the crowd and shine like thus crystals . Someone finish this mobile technology may seem a waste of time and money, but we believe that beauty – is priceless and can not be overkill. The same can be said about the so- called "wooden" phones – the finish is made of fine wood and looks so noble and elegant, that will delight the most sophisticated connoisseurs.

However, our capabilities do not stop there. In the design studio You can also order the stylish design of mobile technology with carefully dressed leather. Sleek leather design to complement any model of pda computer or gps receiver and provide maximum comfort and pleasure to the owner. .