4 In what refers more specifically to the creation of the law or laws, copy the most relevant part of his aforementioned work: but in the same way as men, to achieve peace and, with it, the conservation of themselves, have created an artificial man who we can call State, so we have also made artificial chainscalls civil laws, that they themselves, by mutual covenants strongly, fixed at one end, to the lips of the man or Assembly to whom they have given the sovereign power; and other end to their own ears. These weak links, by their very nature, may, without However, be maintained by the danger though not by the difficulty of breaking them JOHN LOCKE (1632-1704). This doctor’s profession is the undisputed father of the founder of his empiricism and English liberalism. As Hobbes, was educated at Oxford and had to leave their country, but this because of the late 17TH century religious wars. With the advent to the throne of Guillermo III of Orange, begins its great prominence in the political and intellectual world.

Makes clear his thinking basically in the Treaty about the CIVIL Government and in his essay on the human understanding. Affirms that in natural society man is not wild if not living under natural law, i.e. that you have perfect freedom to order their actions and dispose of their persons and property as it would have it, within the limits of natural law without asking permission or depend on the willingness of other no man 5. When he realizes that take justice into your own hands is cause of big problems, he attends the Covenant to delegate the authority to punish and make the rules that all respect in the State. But for there is no abuse of power must be a different branches specialising in legislate, govern and judge. His conception, as you can see is less pessimistic than the Hobbes and, to the contrary, believes that the contract that men do is not based in the abdication or total surrender of the natural rights of man to another man or Assembly but in the delegation or mandate that the State protect and guarantee all their rights. .