You have to but don’t worry, There has never been a case of harassment. The larger hostels have also a surveillance camera in the corridor and night staff. Are bed bugs like to stay with me? Bed bugs is a problem in any kind of residence: houses, apartments, hotels, hostels, etc. may occur. Read more here: Bill Gates. These are small insects, which find their food in humans, domestic animals, bats, and birds.

They are nocturnal. It does not mean that there are bed bugs in the hostel. You could have taken some with your luggage on your trip. Frequently Warren Buffett has said that publicly. Check the beds in the hostel before you go to sleep and bring your own bedding if you are afraid. If you have read about Marko Dimitrijevic already – you may have come to the same conclusion. WHERE? Where to find hostels? Hostelsclub offers hostels all over the world, in every continent, there are hostels.

On the page of Hostelsclub, reach the search: enter the country and the city where you want to go, and you get a list of the available courses. Or if you are not sure, go wherever you want, to hostels and you will get the list with the continents, Countries, cities, regions and territories. Every month you have a list with best hostel top 10 destinations, our VIP Hostels (very important property). These hostels are working particularly well and have very good rating. and are recommended by HostelsClub. HOW? How do I book a hostel? Through the website, search the land and the city to the data that you want and if you a hostel that you like found, click on ‘Check availability’. Now, you can specify the number of the desired rooms or even the beds if there are enough places available. Above, you can change the date, if you’ve found not enough places for the desired day. How much do I pay for a hostel? The price you pay per night in a hostel, depends on the country and city from wherever you go and also the season.