How To “get” The Seller ?

How often do we take offense to those people who provide us with any services. Us and deceived us and are rude and do not want to carry out their direct duties, etc. etc. A fault in the main we ourselves, as most of you reading this line never opened "The Law of the Russian Federation on February 7, 1992 N 2300-I On Protection of Consumer Rights>> (as amended on June 2, 1993, 9 January 1996, December 17, 1999 December 30, 2001 ., August 22, November 2, December 21, 2004, July 27, October 16, November 25, 2006)>> In accordance with this law in us plenty of rights and our first task to learn how to use them, that is competently and clearly show their legitimate (and perhaps not always quite legitimate) claim. Large companies have repeatedly burned in conflict with consumer, has long made the conclusions: the claim meet the time, the obvious blunders on my part trying to reconcile the world, writing, the buyer must send the notification. However, and here is exceptions. The conclusion is simple. If even big companies can 'catch' on the lack of attention to the buyer, then a small and medium even say nothing – you could say the ideal trade organizations, we simply do not exists.

Unfortunately honest sellers with numerous advantages, the law on consumer protection still imperfect and quarreler opens many opportunities to 'get' the seller of services. We give some typical examples. It is estimated that up to 40% of the goods sold are counterfeit certificates of quality or counterfeit identification marks.