How To Take More Advantage Of Trade Fairs

Many companies are leaving to attend trade fairs. Add to your understanding with Kevin Ulrich. The problem is that made the investment and effort does not always justify the retrieved return. Having an attractive booth isn’t enough to harness the potential of attracting commercial references, brand promotion and establishment of contacts that offer this type of events. When do you start? In most companies, a fair equals a lot of work against the clock. Logistics and an obsession with present news eat while we should devote to define our objectives and strategies. Ideally, you should start planning the next fair as soon as you finish the previous one.

The objectives in the first place, you should ask yourself are you waiting get fair. Be for being, or because everyone is going, it is unwise. Set quantifiable objectives: get 200 commercial references, contact 50 potential partners, demonstrate the product to 500 people, etc. Stand the objectives will help you define the type of stand you need. If is trafficking presented a new brand or product, will need a big and showy booth. When the objective is to contact with select customers, he opts for a discreet booth with meeting room. It focuses stand on a product or message so that it is remembered.

Location is important to hire the stand with time to choose site. There are areas of the fairs that are a certain failure, as the side aisles or the far pavilions and half deal with. It asks all sorts of drawings and details about the Assembly, nearby services, predictable route of visitors, etc. And, if you can, visit the venue. Preparations never let them for last-minute work of design, printing, merchandising, signage, large format, etc. They just always leaving contingencies that they stressed the entire team and cost money. The day before if you’ve done well the preparations before the fair everything should be perfectly controlled. The stand assembled or in March, materials on your website, people displaced and prepared. It is time to take forces and review it all. Staff must provide sufficient staff to cater to visitors during the entire fair, unless you suppose a beating to your employees. Standing, talking all the while, in an enclosed, air-conditioned space tired much. Organize shifts for three or four hours with moments of rest and meal schedules. The hostesses and similar can be useful, but never replace the personnel of your company. It provides a minimum training to all persons who will be in the booth. The input material, should not deliver any material simply because someone asks him. Brochures, gifts and samples cost money: book for people who appear minimally interested. Plan how much material consume each day and anticipated getting more if he runs. The contacts registers all visits receive your stand and possible commercial reference data. You opt for a simple and quick system, don’t waste time with Forms. From an urn to a reader of accreditations or scanner for business cards, there are many solutions that you amortizaras in a couple of fairs. Tracking You must answer requests for information at the end of the fair or, if possible, during the same. If you wait a few days, contact cools down. The final report to obtain an objective view of the results, performs a report that includes at least: inverted budget, generated references, closed business, derived actions, inventory valuation and the material used and suggestions from people who have participated in the fair.