Insect Infestation 2013

The wet spring and the catastrophic floods in many parts of Germany almost attracts insects. The people before a threatened insect infestation on the hat must be especially in the flood areas in Eastern and southern Germany. In addition, a large number of wasps is expected, because professionals found significantly more WSP nests than in past years. On the one hand, wasps and insects as part of nature, are indispensable. Insect bites but are a real plague, which can have extremely dangerous consequences for people, especially for allergy sufferers among them. In the most benign case are the effects of redness, swelling and itching. Learn more at this site: Wells Fargo Bank. However, a bite of “Mosquito & co.” can be also threatening when it comes to, for example, infections, blood poisoning, or inflammation. Because viruses, bacteria and other pathogens may be the consequence.

A transfer by the sting of the animals is possible, or is on the hand of man, for example, by scratching at the injection site, but also the infection possible. In Germany there, according to estimates of experts, about 50 species, some of them dangerous disease carriers are. For protection, it is therefore important beforehand after a suitable insect protection, for example, in the form of Fliegengitter-to look to models for Windows and doors or possibly even after light manhole. The company “Waldenmaier GmbH + Co. KG” headquartered in Schwabisch Hall, provides URL the perfect, professional insect protection for home and apartment. With over twenty years of experience, the renowned company is the competent and professional partner in terms of “Insect”.

The employees of the company Waldenmaier insect Guard involved in 5 provinces. No matter whether to insect screens, light covers, the sliding door is fly screens for Windows and doors or the insect repellent: all products are excellent, effective working – and living area to keep away unwanted insects. The Company manufactures directly after measure and so it offers the right solution for almost any problem. So the seeker finds everything what he needed to effectively counter the ingress of insects. For different window constructions, the company provides insect repellent products which are particularly easy to use and installed in space can be. In so-called “skylights” rollover can be prevented, for example, with an insect ingress of insects effectively. To keep the cellar or the work areas clean, there is the light manhole. Thus, mice and leaves have no chance. In any case, is the topic “Insect” of particular importance, given the predicted insect infestation for the year 2013.