International Factoring

Client: Head of trade receivables (invoices) and factoring contracts. Debtors: Buyers of the goods or services the client (seller). Benefits Saves time, saves money, and obtaining accurate reports. Allows for maximum mobilization of the portfolio of debtors and ensure recovery of all of them. Simplifies accounting, since by factoring the user agreement now has a single customer who pays cash. Sanitation portfolio. Contact information is here: Ben Silbermann.

Allows you to receive advance payments of the receivables. Reduce the debt burden of the employer. No debt: Buy firm and without appeal. You can buy cash discounts. For managers, saving time spent on monitoring and direct the organization of sales accounting. Can be used as a source of funding and resourcing circulating. The bills provide for a loan garantiria otherwise the company would not be able to obtain.

Reduce operating costs by assigning the accounts receivable from a company that is dedicated to factoring. Provides protection in inflationary processes by having the money in advance, for those not lose purchasing power. In the event of International Factoring, increase exports by providing a more competitive form of payment. Elimination of the Collection Department of the company, as normally the factor accepts all credit risks should cover collection costs. Ensures a known pattern of cash flows. The company sells its accounts receivable knows that receives the least amount of accounts Factoring in the commission of a certain date, the planning of the cash flow of the company. High cost disadvantages. Specifically, the interest rate is greater than the conventional trade discount.