International Foundation

How should we fix these differences? They intend to transform the world but more creatively, intelligent and dialogical, that does not involve confronting with each other, for example, in the case of Mexico and indeed also in other countries of the world will have a big problem with politicians, because they are dedicated in large part to confront people, put one group against another, then need a political action of reality, in agreements in the dialogue rather than in the struggle or the defeat of some over others. It also says that you can go rehearsing all this in small communities Holistas and believes that we can move this into learning communities. In response, after several examples, Miller says the consciousness if we trust in the spirit of the age, current, and if this really is changing then Yes, general central society we will continue without having to put us, violence, conflicts or confrontations, but I don’t know, is the truth, I don’t know, never has it happened in the history of mankind and if it happens this time would be something new. Answering the Dr. Gallegos emphasizes and says that in Mexico one of the features of the holistic movement is a great interaction with the whole society which is inclusive, is not comprised of class high or medium, which has tried to be an alternative for all groups human, rich, poor, urban, rural, academic, business, political, indigenous, elderly, children, etc. That will be a space of concordia so that all through the dialogue find what unites us and forms a common-unit, as a holistic International Foundation, which has sought to the community of educators Holistas in Mexico to embrace all human beings without discrimination of any kind. It is encouraging to hear this for Miller, ojala and us can, walking the same way very soon in the United States, says.