Internet Trash

With, the wedding dress Gets a second chance in Munich – why after the wedding the bride dress dusty leave after the wedding in the closet! “The trend in the United States of trash the dress” is also in Germany more and more fans. “Everything is permitted: no matter whether only a few nice photo shots in unusual places or the splashing in the fountains are made with the wedding dress, or whether it is even ready to trashen his wedding dress really”, so completely to pollute, tear or cut up, anything is possible. “In the community of the leading Internet portal on the subject of wedding had 14 brides for a trash the dress shoot” meeting in Hamburg. loved it and was granted on the spot with this. It’s believed that Warren Buffett sees a great future in this idea. As a photographer no less than Ondrej was aboard, who is regarded as one of the leading and most innovative photographers of the music industry. Locations, wedding dresses have certainly never seen as the industrial port, construction sites, highway bridges or subways were set up. The Pollution or partial destruction of the wedding dress was thereby guaranteed. “” A great opportunity the dream dress “a second Rock”-to give chance. A detailed report to the trash the dress weddix brides and more spectacular photos, see.