Is There An Alternative To CeBIT?

viitex 2011 – the first internationally oriented virtual IT trade fair on the Internet is the most famous and most important IT trade fair in Germany, at the start next to the CeBIT, there are about 10 more IT fairs with partly different focuses. While over 2,000 exhibitors are represented at CeBIT, I.e. the masses make it si sa, conhIT or the DMS EXPO on approximately 350 exhibitors. For 2-3 days can present your company to IT entrepreneurs on this measuring on average from about 6,000 euros. Too expensive say many IT companies, which have to offer also excellent products and services.

Because along with personnel expenses, and the exhibition stand construction costs add up quickly for much higher sums. The viitex virtual IT expo offers elaborate 3D optics a virtual exhibition platform where exhibitors and visitors can experience a genuine and affordable alternative to real trade-fair operations. They viitex 2011 integrates with direct online communication options multimedia product and solution presentations. To be a convenient message system as well as video and Web conferencing. So, it is possible to depict real trade-fair operations in the Internet and to realize the communication between exhibitors and visitors in a simple way.

Visitors can inform themselves extensively for 3 months during the week the performance and range of solutions the exhibitors on the 3-dimensional booths 24 hours 7 days. Exhibitors can in addition to pure documents to download are offered, mainly through video clips present their services and products and invite in VIP areas of special customers and potential new customers. Multimedia presentations provide an overview of the offerings of the exhibitors visitors quickly and efficiently. Via the integrated messaging system, visitors and exhibitors directly in contact can occur and communicate via video conferences directly and without detours, or organise accompanying congresses and symposia. In addition to the immense savings in travel time, travel expenses and personnel expenses, the viitex as a virtual measuring is regional fully usable. Visitors are clicking the virtual trade fair stand, which costs only a fraction of a real exhibition. The vittex 2011 is also extensively advertised via PR, print and online media and supported by many major organisations such as Hessen-IT or the F.A.Z. Institute. The IT fair, which covers all major areas of IT begins at the 16.02.2011. meaningful statistics tools indicate the exhibitors at any time the visitor frequency and time spent on the stand. IT companies, organizations, and service providers who would like to exhibit in 2011 on the viitex can book also a date on the viitex main stage after booking. Since these dates are limited, a rapid booking worth. The Organizer AMC24 AMC24 focuses on sales and marketing to position better in the market with the target company. AMC24 is active in the B-to-B market and advises clients organize and conduct extensively across all processes up to the implementation of the planned measures, including. A special focus is on the IT industry and the Capital goods industry.