Island Solution Vs. All-in One CRM-solution

e7software opts for open source CRM solution info@hand the Munich company e7software offers even software solutions and consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises and knows what matters. The aspired efficiency through a CRM is the all-in one CRM-solution info@hand be achieved. Who does not recognize the signs of the times, goes down this applies not only to the policy. In a world of services become more complex the famous island solution is”certainly for some matching option. In particular for small and medium-sized enterprises however, it prevents quick efficiency and clarity. The general tenor is therefore becoming more and more to avoid island solutions. A flexible all-in one solution is the best solution for medium-sized companies by far. Precisely, e7software now has his entire customer management, marketing, inventory management / ERP and project management of commercial open source CRM, info@hand entrusted.

All fields of work and steps as efficiently as the target was to make that possible. It was the existing island solutions for the areas of marketing, inventory management / ERP and distribution in a central system merge. The CRM system allows also a personnel and project management, including integrated time tracking not only the maintenance of customer relationships. Beyond the requirements in the field of customer management, further requests with the commercial open source CRM were depicted by e7software info@hand: mapping business processes (billing, supply and procurement) integrated project and quality management (technical project management including time tracking and resource management) the central sales management (define targets for individual employees and teams including evaluation) the statistics and reporting (management and creation of individual reports and graphical evaluations) as a result of the merging of the different island solutions under the umbrella of an all-in one CRM – solution is a holistic All-round view of the customer enables and thus also a significant time savings. Reports and evaluations also provide an accurate analysis of the current state of the company, and, if necessary the possibility to take appropriate action. Managing Director Claus Schroder is with the new system, which it the visual4 GmbH in Stuttgart has personalized, more than satisfied: the intuitive design of the system has enabled us to go prepare live after only 4 weeks. Info@hand teamwork facilitates us greatly and we can it no longer imagine, how it earlier without went…”visual4 Medien.Kommunikation.Design Christoph Plessner