Its Majesty

The freedom of speaking or thinking age exclusiveness of the patriarch. As much in the small agricultural feudal as in the bashful urban nucleus the patriarcal authoritarianism dictated the rules of behavior and until the social label. If an authority or a prominent figure of the society visited the farm and was to sleep, the host ordered a slave, almost always a girl between ten and twelve years, to go room of the visitor pro ' ' to make vontades&#039 to it; '. The dignity of the enslaved woman always was recognized for its loves as one mimo to be offered the visitors and, eventually, for its personal delight. Also ours two emperors, Peter father and Peter son, had assistant in charge covering the farms and identifying enslaved girls between ten and twelve years that would be taken to the palace for a night in the bed of Its Majesty. In the day following the slave received a gift and was led in return to its proprietor.

(The sexual exploration of children already comes of long date). How would go those girls to understand the Love if they grew under the chibata of the administrator? How to understand the sex if they were forcene for the egostica satisfaction of a respectable authority? How to understand the life if were only merchandises acquired in the market and could at any time be negotiated by its proprietors? As to have hope if they saw the brothers of its color to be chicoteados, working until the exhaustion; the white farmer spanking the proper children and wife? Of senzala it was not of if waiting alento of hope for the survival of the Love. Exactly thus, displayed to the physical punishments and the all type of humilhao, the black women had tried. When sinhazinha, still girl, could not suckle the son, one of them if it became love-of-milk; to take care of of the son already weaned another one became love-dries.