Jasmin Bolger

“Three to four weeks was also there me delivery time. My girlfriend devours the novels by Jasmin Bolger. I then phoned the author personally and luckily she had more books at home and could send me an autographed copy of.” Jasmin Bolger, which always hits the nerve of their mainly female readership with her sensitive and insightful novels, lately often hears such complaints of their readers. “Fortunately, my books are all online through my website of course also available with signature-, otherwise I don’t know what I should do.” Initially only as additional marketing thought icing on the cake, your own website as an increasingly indispensable instrument turns out, to prevent a slump in book sales. “To the” Lucky I have my Web page”, Jasmin Bolger laughs”and luckily I have a fixed root readership, which immediately alerted me of such irregularities in the operation of literature, so that I can act promptly.” Act, which will be soon hopefully no longer necessary if the espresso book machine, which will revolutionize the book sales according to CEO of Blackwell Andrew Hutchings, first worldwide is available, and in particular smaller, independent booksellers offers the possibility to compete with Amazon and large good sized houses. “I like the idea that new impulses for the small authors and bookstores might emanate from this machine”, says Jasmin Bolger. “The idea that my clients will go in her small bookshop around the corner and next to my books titles will soon also have access to one million, is already very tempting.” If the novel as a mother’s day gift should be concerned on the wishlist as a birthday gift or for the vacation requires a quick beach read is “in the future”, of which Jasmin Bolger is convinced, “can the espresso book machine ensure that my novels on all possible occasions in a timely manner and above all are within a few minutes available.