Jeans: Businessmen

Jeans. Denim fashion. History of jeans What can unite a businessman and a poor man, a star of Hollywood and a housewife, a poor student and a prominent politician? Of course, jeans. To date – the most democratic thing that unites people regardless of age, wealth and social status. Jeans have been a more than century-old way of winning, all absorbing the blue wave. It all started with gold, which was inconvenient to carry. Enterprising Levi Strauss, "modeled" in the 1853 miracle pants, had no idea that his name will remain for centuries (already at least three and no end in sight). To implement its enterprise, and Levy, in modern language, conducted market research literate.

And the sturdy fabric, which he brought to the gold mines to cover the tent was used for sewing pants with secure pockets. It happened after one of the complaints miners that work at the mine and the weight of gold dust do not stand alone or pants. Wearing the same precious sand away from the body was short-sighted: in all ages, people died for the metal, and only when he was so close … Pants immediately began popular. Further more – careful Levy has taken into account and other wishes: solid double lines, securely fenced pockets, comfortable sturdy belt loop – gold mine for his invention created a furor. Its reinforced the new find – metal rivets on the pockets. True, they were not invented by Strauss, but even then he did not stay on the sidelines.