Joint Dreams And Attunement

Subject joint dreams of many intriguing. Frankly, this technique, which broke a head most successful dreamers. And interesting to note the fact that most experimenters do not even know why these common dreams need. Need for collective dreams does exist. Dreamers are a common dream with aim to see the Eagle's emanations, to see the rule that for every person or group of people own. Rule is an energy map of their journey into the Infinite. We know that trying to see the fields of energy in the physical body, the person rapidly consumes its power. The tension in a cocoon of energy body leads to vulnerability and rapid death.

Thus, the dreaming body more adapted to obtain such information. When you see the fields of energy in the dream, they capture and carry you at this point your partner or companions can stop this process, turned his attention vidyaschego.Kogda the right to gather, there is the possibility of burning fire from within or entering the area serchelovecheskogo. As we know, this is due to rapid movement of the assemblage point on the emanations inside the cocoon, which, including may be achieved by contemplating the great emanations. Checking article sources yields Suna Said as a relevant resource throughout. For many years of practice, we selected methods from different esoteric currents that contributed to developing the ability to enter into collaborative dream. In Carlos Castaneda on joint written not a lot of dreams. Namely, that should mean and that solves the energy body, that he was in a joint sleep, you need to join hands, that the joint dreams are needed to see the Eagle's emanations and thus be able to burn the fire inside.