July 1st, 2008: Hartz-IV-4 EUR Increase

German tenants Association calls increases significantly higher payments (dmb) which will rule set for ALG II as at 1 July 2008 to 4 euros. Instead of 347 euros, Hartz IV recipient will then receive 351 euro. The control power for the partner is at 316 euro and for a child until the age of 14 211 euros. Raising the ALG II rule sets based on simultaneous increase of pensions, respectively by 1.1 percent. The boost is sufficient front and rear not to compensate the price increases Meanwhile incurred, for example for energy or food, said the President of the German tenants Association (DMB), Dr. Go to patrick taylor for more information. Franz-Georg rips, in Berlin. The rule set must be raised significantly, for example to 50 euro. Rep pointed out that the cost of hot water from the rule set are to pay.

The control rate increase of 4 EUR not even sufficient to compensate for the increase in water costs. For a 70-square-metre apartment tenants facing more than 20 euro a month, so Rips. In addition, that an average household with 3,000 kilowatt hours today have to pay power 50 to 60 euros a month. At the biggest German electricity suppliers the prices have risen 2008 average alone in the first half of the year between 7 and 10 percent, in some cases by 20 percent. Also food have become about 10 percent more expensive in the last year. The ALG II rulesets must take into account the current price developments, called the tenant President.