Labor Contract Law

7 tips on how not to be deceived by the employer under an employment contract. The employment contract – a document to be concluded between the employer and employee working conditions and labor relations. The employment contract: what I look for? A lot of people looking for jobs in their field, well-paid and prestigious course. And suddenly they find exactly the job of their dreams. They are willing to do anything just not to miss this opportunity. And this is their main mistake. They sign any document that is offered to them. And it is primarily working document.

And in such situations often occur crooks. By signing this document work, you after a few months, you know, that they had received a penny. You are trying to restore justice, but this does not happen, because according to the employment agreement, you agree to the requirements specified therein. Since an oral agreement has no legal force. What do you do? The answer is simple: "Do not sign without hesitation the employment contract." For starters, you need to understand which of the below listed documents you are: 1) Civil contract 2) Term contract 3) The employment contract 1) civil contract – this is the optimal contract for employers. This contract is for the provision of certain services. What is it optimal? Meanwhile, that the employer is hedging itself against the workers.

For example, if a person is not fit for this job, it is no problem with his dismissal does not arise. But if the employee is good at its job, then his employer may have to hire under an employment contract. 2) Fixed-term contract – a contract that is concluded for a definite period, and at the end of this period, the employer without explanation, may dismiss the employee. By law to enter into fixed-term contract should be the base.