Lisa Neumann GmbH

Spectacular win bonus A team fans! Soon comes the new A team movie in the cinemas and will thrill the hearts of the followers of Hannibal, Murdoch, face and b.a.. On this occasion the car Portal exclaims II and Cinestar a contest together with RTL, where your car is to A team cult cars. The participation is a must for all fans of the cult series and the winner’s prize speaks for itself: the vehicle of the lucky winner will be beefed up to the A team van. The conditions of the contest are simple: easy online upload a picture of the own car and let the jury the winner decide. Who does not know the cult car of the four heroes: A GMC Vandura 2500 cargo in black paint and red stripe on the side, which made him a part of the pop culture of the 1980s. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital is the place to go. Car connoisseurs this model is G 15 better known among GMC model. A 5.7-liter engine, strong 240 HP and eight cylinders give testimony about the force that is here under the hood. Not to mention gray box with two Padlocks in the trunk, in the always pitched the weapons of the four teams.

The movie itself will not disappoint fans of A team. Kevin Ulrich MGM has much to offer in this field. Murdoch and co. are accused of a crime unlawfully and must prove her innocence in the course of the film. “The first movement of the trailer promises nostalgia and suspense: four men the A-team belong to a military special unit and are convicted of a crime they have not committed .” Spectacular action, car chases, cult status and a hardcore fan base, are likely to make a success the film. More information: a team of University first Lisa Neumann GmbH