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A memorable 2010 is the year of the World Cup in South Africa. This stunning country has to offer more in addition to the stadiums. Therefore, a World Cup trip in the beautiful country than being able to combine enthusiasm for sports and holiday presents for football fans. For this purpose, the travel portal presents exciting World Cup travel packages. A large part of the travel organiser schedules not just the ticket for a match in such a World Cup trip. Customers on a discovery tour in parts of South Africa are interested in, of course the rest of the holiday organization is taken over.

These include travel, accommodation and transfers, as well as organize unforgettable trips. An example of this is the World Cup travel package number 5 by, which contains among other things a Safari. So the trip to the World Cup can be with a discovery tour of flora and fauna, where tourists can discover giraffes, Lions and elephants. But also the History and culture are taught. Also various excursions are available for numerous interesting sites to visit. South Africa has the right offer for every type of trip ready. Who want to relax, just go to one of the many great beaches, where water sports enthusiasts at their own expense will come. Boredom should arise anyway, in this stunning country. The varied cultural offer and the thrilling nature and flora will be the World Cup more than a sporty experience the journey. Places like the rich Cape Floral, the Drakensberg Mountains, or the Vredefront crater, the oldest meteorite trench in the world, make the trip a unique experience. More information around the topic of World Cup travel: wmspezial / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH