‘ ‘ Luz’ ‘ Of The Occult Workmanships

' It looked at of a side and another one, and seeing that he did not have nobody there, it killed the Egyptian it hid and it in areia.' ' (Former 2; 12) Because Moiss took this care, of looking at for both the sides, before killing the Egyptian? The narrative is clear: ' ' seeing that it did not have nobody, it killed the Egyptian? ' ' It was this that it desired at that moment, that did not have nobody, or, that nobody saw, what it made. Salvador explained when it came, which workmanships need to be made in occult: ' ' The conviction is this: it said, that the light came to the world but the men more land on water the darknesses that the light, because its workmanships were ms.' ' (Jo 3; 19) He notices that Mr. did not say that the men land on water the darknesses because these were amiable, before, because its workmanships were bad. Exactly not being good, the darknesses finish being useful, to hide shameful workmanships. The simple fact of Moiss to have that to look at for both the sides before acting, already was an internal certification of that it acted badly.

Not that the Egyptian was certain when enslaving Hebrew spanking; but, to kill it, would not be the solution for the moment. All man, exactly not converted, still brings a fagmento of God; the conscience, warns that it concerning the certain of the made a mistake one. It was this flashing, that tried to inform the Moiss, that its to act bad age. Its shady side prevailed, however, despite it tried to hide. The darknesses had prevailed on the light.

The poet Zeferino Rossa said something interesting the respect: ' ' He wants to know if the advice of the night are good, practise them during dia.' ' If you need, as Moiss, look for the sides before acting, is because already it knows to be acting badly. Therefore, when under the direction of God, its servant closed the Red Sea, killing all army of Fara pursued that them, Moiss was not worried if somebody was looking at; in the truth, a million of people, approximately, was seeing, all nation of Israel? It is that in obedience the God, we practise any thing, in peace with the conscience, that happens Of it. As it would be, however, if we lived in a perpetual Big Brother, where everything what we made or we said was public? In the truth, before the oniscincia of God, we are displayed; there, before looking at for the sides, preventing looks of the people, let us hear the internal voice of the Spirit, because, reaching a good conscience, and only thus, we will be true. ' '? Rejecting the things that for shame if occult, not walking with astuteness, nor adulterating the Word of God; before, we recommend in them to the conscience of all man, in the presence of God, for the manifestation of verdade.' ' (II Color 4; 2) ' ' An intelligent person decides a problem; a scholar previne.' ' (Einstein)