Manja Wagner

About in-GmbH: The vision of the in-built information systems GmbH is to create an environment where information, knowledge, workflows, and visualizations to provide uniform and task for all those involved in complex operations. The dynamics in the business world today requires an increasing networking of stakeholders and an optimal and flexible support collaborative processes by IT even beyond company boundaries. Based on the portfolio of targeted consulting, design and innovative software products practical, sustainable, and inclusive solutions emerge, customer strategy aligned are, the short-term results and are continuous and expandable with low risk and can be changed. It speaks a variety of successful projects for international manufacturing companies. The consulting and software company founded in 1989 by Siegfried Wagner with built-in informationsysteme GmbH and has its headquarters in Konstanz on Lake Constance. More detailed information, see the PR contact in-GmbH: Manja Wagner in integrated information systems GmbH at the Seerhein of 8, 78467 Konstanz Tel: + 49 7531-8145-0, fax: + 49 7531-8145 81 E-Mail: Web: about jCOM1 AG: jCOM1 developed an innovative business process management (BPM) SUITE, which is based on the unique subject-oriented method. At the Center are the stakeholders that promote their processes and consistently describe them from design to implementation, validate (interactively test) and immediately execute in a custom process portal.

These processes can also be integrated into different IT platforms. Any innovations or improvements are in the running process at any time and can be quickly implemented. This ensures that significant time and cost savings the company strategy compliance compliant and realistically can be implemented. The subject-oriented approach can thus achieve savings in the millions. The software company jCOM1 AG has been founded in 2004 by Dr. Albert Fleischmann and Franz Bohm and has its headquarters in the Bavarian Rohrbach near Munich. More detailed information is available under.