All the sectors must have an understanding more technique of the tasks of the marketing sector so that they can generate contributions assertive to the process of planning and execution of ideas. The main objective of the Sector of Marketing can be synthecized in offers of information and techniques for a competitive orientation of the IEP and a strategical positioning of market, assisting in the process of taking of decision on the part of the managing agencies. More information is housed here: Yellow Jackets. The necessary marketing to have enough structure for analysis of prevention and management of crises, marketing reduction of risks and threats, internal identification of fragilities and forces, exploitation and magnifying of chances, as well as development of bold projects of integrated communication (house organ, advertising, propaganda, sponsorships, public relations, assessorship of the press, brand content, placement, storytelling, social Internet, nets, relationship, visual identity, activation of guerrilla and viral). Of specific form it must carry through studies deepened on the profile of target and the forms of prospection of new pupils, beyond the identification and accomplishment of strategical partnerships: diverse institutions, companies, ONGs, suppliers, agencies of communication. The objectives and goals established for the marketing of the IEP must be fully lined up with the organizacionais Vision, Mission and Values.

Therefore, the marketing and communication are strategical decisions, related with the top of the pyramid, as it happens with the great corporations. This means that the main managers need to be involved with the process to guarantee the cooperation of all the structure of the institution in the implementation of the strategies and the execution of what he was planned. Of this form, the proposal of the marketing is that the results depend on the persistence of all the sectors and teams. The people, the departments, certainly have its proper objectives and priorities, but they need to consider the objectives, goals and bigger necessities of the IEP, therefore the opposite will break up the efforts and will destroy plans and strategies.