Marketing Index

They say that men do not like sweet that prefer hard liquor, and, of course, we all know that gentlemen prefer blondes. Such is human nature: for almost every life events, we create some stereotypes. But they are not always correct. What, after all, like men? The study Marketing Index, the adult urban population in Russia an overwhelming majority (70.6%) of respondents Men are active consumers of beer, that is, those who drink it once a month. With a wide margin followed by vodka (42.0%), while third place is like wine (12.3%). For all other alcoholic drinks men pay attention less often. Especially interesting is this picture, if we compare these figures with similar data, reflecting the attitude to alcohol female population. Thus, the number of active potrebitelnits of beer women are nearly twice smaller than that of men.

Almost 4 times less than men, women use vodka. For most other types of alcoholic beverages or almost equal rates, or the difference is insignificant. Thus, For example, whiskey drinking 0.4% of men and 0.2% of women; rum – respectively 0.2 and 0.1%. Sweet liqueurs, both men and women love the same way – they accounted for 0.3% of total respondents. Sparkling wines and vermouth drink more often as once a woman, but, again, separation of data by sex is irrelevant – it is tenths of a percent. A similar opinion is held and restaurateurs. Many of them say that men do in recent years have increasingly bought wine especially if they come to the restaurant in the society ladies.