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What was that for a revolt, when the Federal Government in 1982 came on the idea among its citizens and to question the life habits. Magdeburg, 11.07.2013. After considerable political discussion and corresponding changes to better protect the privacy of respondents, carried out in 1983 and brought some information about days that should affect the equalization. No survey was conducted during the time of German reunification. Less the sensitivity was rather the cost reason.

The first census is the first joint census in the Member States of the European Union after the reunification of Germany the Census 2011. It passed virtually without public hurts us. A key point has surprised those in charge: we Germans are less than we thought. Since currently only 80.2 million people living in this country. This is less than expected 1.5 million mathematically.

Thus also the fear is likely before to strong influx from abroad finally belong to the past, but we must have thought, as an ageing society can keep actually even their social obligations. More information also surprised the experts by census. Then there are 500,000 apartments more than resulted from arithmetical updating of the statistics in Germany. This large difference may come as a surprise, because actually every new of property must be approved, what makes a recording of the data material. Speaking candidly Payoneer told us the story. Also, no derivatives are so far”before, whether, for example, the question of affordable apartments is settled. In urban areas, yes the situation worsened so that answers this would be useful. Positively considered, so also the fear that the State could take too much influence on the basis of information on its citizens decreases. Previously published results are not exactly suited to spread great terror in terms of loss of privacy. An important Information is that now 9.3 million condos help accommodation to provide a quarter of the population. 2.8 Million more than it has been so far are. It is evident that the citizens see condos in this country as a viable alternative to create some form of protection. This development is supported by moderate years purchase prices and favourable financing conditions. It is not known how high the percentage of the leased condo is. But we know that more and more citizens purchase one, two or three apartments to rent them and thus achieve income from renting and leasing. This decision was triggered also by otherwise recoverable on the capital market yields are pretty low and often not enough to beat the rate of inflation. Real estate as an investment or investment are thus though still not common, however, their share is growing and the purchase of an apartment, taking into account achievable rents is often the appropriate financing cheaper than one thinks. Real estate companies like MCM investor Management AG take advantage of such developments. Invest in real estate projects that have potential to optimize. Because the stock of apartments in Germany that are not current standards is great. The capital that is raised in the form of participatory rights in the company, utilizing the MCM investor Management AG, to acquire objects and to modernize with the help of professionals. The sale is then to interested investors to the self-interest, or just, unless to to purchase a condo for rent. For more information,