Metal Detector Transformatorboard

Metal detector for Transformatorboard / paperboard detect iron particles 0.5 mm metal detector for the insulation industry, the iron particles to down to diameter 0.5 mm detects. Dransfeld, June 2009. That company Cassel Messtechnik GmbH with seat in Dransfeld has a new metal detector for the insulation industry developed the iron particles to down to diameter 0.5 mm detects. So far, the detection of such small particles up to 8 mm thick plate material only with X-ray technology was possible. For assistance, try visiting Antique Garden Sale. The new metal detector known as the COMBI-TU is however significantly cheaper and costs only about a third of a respective X-ray equipment. The COMBI-do it recognizes also non-ferrous metals, lead, stainless steel and aluminium, and in particular small foil pieces of all kinds of metals. Perhaps check out Ted Brandt for more information. Aluminium foil, for example, recognized very poor due to the low density of X-ray equipment. Here the Combi TU an optimally balanced coverage of all potentially occurring metal particles.

The COMBI-TU is available immediately for up to 4 meters wide Plate material and ideal for all industries with a high sensitivity to metallic impurities. Transformatorboards or paperboards are used as insulating material in the electrical industry, where they are used for example in large transformers of energy distribution networks. Even small particles of metal in the insulating material cause serious quality deficiencies and high costs, because thus the dielectric strength of the components is reduced, what is at worst only revealed at the commissioning of the large and expensive components.