Motivating Employees

The motivation is very important for the employees inside of an organization. Pinterest oftentimes addresses this issue. It is directly on with the conscientious or unconscious psychological factors, mentioning the self-knowledge to it, education, work and family, can also be of physiological, intellectual or affective order thus determining the behavior of the individual in relation to excessively. To understand better on the motivation in the work, she was applied a questionnaire in the months of September and October of 2010 for the pupils of 4 period of the course of Management of Human resources of Facultieses SPEI? Unit Towers, in 700 workers of Curitiba and its region metropolitan, being 57% women. We observe that this is one of the subjects that more influence the people inside of the organizations, which can then determine a performance variation. We select that 83% of the respondents act basically in three segments, services (40%), commerce (27%) and industry (16%). Of the grand total of participants, 89% even possess five mninos wages as remuneration and the main motivacional factor for they is the wage package + benefits that the 33% index reached.

Already for excessively, whose remuneration is superior to the five minimum wages, the biggest motivacionais factors had been distributed of proportional form with prominence for 22% that they had pointed the career plan and 19% for the quality of life in the work. We can then verify that the motivation can be extended through rewards financial (wages + benefits) and reconhecimentos. We evidence despite 33% of the total of answers associate that the main proportionate benefit for the motivation is related with the professional success, being more clearly between young of 23 the 28 years of age. This if of to the fact possibly being in beginning of career and process of academic formation. The evidenced factor less as benefit of the motivation is of the personal accomplishment with 20% of the answers. This demonstrates that these people they are not worried in making what they like, but reaching only the entailed success to the financial satisfaction. The motivation is in such a way welfare as necessity, welfare for the workers and necessity for the organizations, therefore employee satisfied it represents quality.

It is important that the companies start to look at its teams of works with intent eyes, with a different vision, worried about the particularitities and individual necessities. The company is one all, formed for the individual somatrio of ideas, feelings, dreams, distresses, expectations and accomplishments. The companies must have a relation of ' ' she earns-ganha' ' with its employees, observing its necessities and desires, so that the mutual objectives are reached, guaranteeing a sustainable growth and with better quality of life. Therefore, you belong to a parcel of employees who search in the chances offered for the companies a motivation source or are fit in that slice of employees whom they search personal accomplishments its auto-motivation and thus to obtain the balance to take care of its expectations? The pupils of the Course of Management of RH, Daghinani Palaro, Daiane Da Silva, Karin Tavares and Lourival Abreu sign this article