Multimedia Car

Tape recorder, multimedia, radio, 'head', the player – as soon as do not call these devices. In fact they all perform the same role – control the music in the car, the radio receiver, drives and flash drives lately, and memory cards. If previously in the car most often encountered radio, then to add to it the radio to cassettes and CDs, and recently these devices have got the monitors and have learned to skip the movies and to be navigators, stopped as a surprise and a loading screen of Windows on these monitors. Occurs centralized management systems in the car head unit, something similar is happening with the domestic system, where the computer controls the audio, video and some appliances, such as light and shutters on the windows. It goes without saying – Life is easier and more interesting! What can be realized in the car, multimedia? Perhaps now, entry-level system can be called cassette recorder with radio and cd/mp3 player, connected to standard acoustics car – this is a good option, if the music in the car plays the role of a 'background'. With this system, the road will not be too boring, and listen to can benefit in the past few months, there are more. If you want more in the music – we put an additional low-frequency acoustic system (subwoofer) and add a couple of high-frequency tweeters, connect all the acoustics of additional amplifier. You may have to replace a full-time acoustics and make a partial noise isolation, still good to add to this set of cd-changer, and power system stabilization, and result in properly selected components and well-performed set is good to hear the difference, now you can enjoy your favorite music in the car in full! More than once we were denied a test drive with classical music – finding a new system of the host machine discovering something new in classics and the disc went along with a happy customer. Another option might be to install A / V or multimedia center, which has its own full-color screen with a diagonal of 6 inches or more. He will not just listen to music, but also to watch dvd movies. Some advanced models to understand how normal dvd discs, and computer format DivX. Also, more and more models are now equipped with a tv receiver, so that you no longer have to choose – go to the dacha, or watch an interesting game, because now the tv is always with you. Some owners prefer to equip their cars multiband mobile cinema. What is it? Usually it is a complete soundproofing machines, ceiling or built into the headrests monitors for second-row passengers, good acoustics 5.1 with separate amplifiers, and, of course, a special media center that supports multi-zone. Now with using a single head unit passengers can watch tv or dvd movie, and a driver at the same time to use GPS-navigation on the normal screen and radio. Often, passengers back row are connected wireless headphones to watch the film does not distract the driver from the road. We should also mention the possibility of GPS-navigation, which is closely related to the media center. Many devices with touch screen allows connect a special GPS-module, as a result you can use them as a true navigator, also connected to the basic acoustics car – warning of the imminent turning system courtesy mute the music.