Munich North Gets More Space To Life

Fourth opened a city Munich warehouse with 950 storage of ‘Self – storage’ to the Frankfurter Ring 6 even more popular and more attractive, more populated and more expensive it is also no city of in Germany meets more than on Munich. Especially the rents speak its own language: only good earner can afford a larger apartment in the city. The others often live in one bedroom apartments or must make do with shared flats. The result: overcrowded and fully provided apartments, which burst seams and allow little quality of life. Redress has been obtained with the rentable storage of SelfStorage.

Furniture, books, boxes, sports equipment or excess inventory of kitchen can self starting from 31 euro per four weeks. Little living room does not at the same time little quality of life. Change must be awareness compared to the set up and living alone. You can forgo large closets, if only the necessary part of the content at home kept and outsources certain clothes, dishes or shoes are. It is also possible to reduce the number of bookcases by one stores a portion of the books out of the House. Similarly, surplus furniture that take away from actually too much space but are too valuable to throw them away out of the House can be stored. It is also possible functional intact objects such as the old television, which was replaced with a flat screen, to keep in the storage compartment, rather than bringing him to the bulk waste. We are a genuine Altnernative, when it comes to store seasonal or fond things instead of throwing them away or to accommodate in the musty basement safe, clean and dry\”, explains Martin Gerhardus of managing partner of self – storage\”. Especially in expensive urban areas we are an alternative to cramped living.\” Many Munich have already adopted this new service.