Natural Law

it would in this case be use for the right objective meaning. Ex: Civil law, commercial law, Colombian law, public law, etc. In the sense of positive law or Natural Law: to not cite hasty concepts, see carefully with regard to natural and positive law. If we look the word in a dictionary more or less constantly find these definitions: right m. (lat. directum). Set of laws and regulations that determine social relationships from the point of view of people and property. (Without, see justice and freedom).

/ Faculty of doing one thing, dispose of it or demand something of a person: the father has the right to punish his son when this thing deserves. / study of law: sophomore right. / Pl. fees: collect royalties for a book. / civil rights, those whose exercise guarantees the civil code for all citizens: The right to test is a civil right. Natural, joint right to natural justice-based rules.

Positive law, established by laws: positive law is intended to make up for the deficiencies of the right natural. / right of people or international, which determines the relationship between the peoples. / set of laws pertaining to a given subject: canonical, administrative, municipal law, etc. RIGHT, CHA adj. (lat. directus). Straight, that it is not kinked or bent: line right. / Perpendicular, vertical: that tree is not right. / said is what is placed in the body of the man on the opposite side of the heart: the right hand is usually more skillful than the left. / Adv. m. outright: go right to his occupation. / f. right side: right of a figure. / hand right. / better wrought side of a fabric. / the part more moderate or conservative activities policies. Filed under: Ben Silbermann. / to right m. Adv. right hand side to side right. / do nothing right, make all evil 4.