Network Marketing

If we look at the landscape of current unemployment, with so many people without work, the insecurity, the crisis that seems generalizing increasingly, workers are considered lucky. Mary Callahan Erdoes often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Faced with this situation, though this very difficult and little promising, there is always at least one output, when you close a window Dios opens 10 doors. Under most conditions Pennsylvania Municipal Money Market Fund would agree. This is the subject of the article in Network Marketing do unemployed? Use you only first part, published 18 February 2011, at the web site, which is one of my blogs, but if you want to go beyond. Dina Powell often says this. Two weeks ago I participated in a survey and as a bonus I received the report of the shortage A La abundance how compete in the economy of century XXI with a strategy of Marketing Laser by Roberto Cerrada de Madrid. I say, I’m going to read, anyway is a gift, do not? This report contains 38 pages and is full of value, I want to tell you that its contents, I liked there talks about the trend of 21st century with respect to the Internet, the economy, and how we are in the third wave of information, the revolution of abundance, the passage of one economy’s mass to an economy of niches, about Drop Shipping, or the power of Word of mouth marketing. The truth is that I’ve read to me many years ago (in the 1987 if I am not mistaken) the third wave of Alvin Toffler book, and when I saw that Roberto report referred to this book impressed me a lot in his time, has begun to like me over the report. Practical exercise: 1.

If you’re unemployed and not entreves a solution in the near or distant future, or if you are employed and you feel that your job is unstable, or simply want to say goodbye to your boss, think about the idea to open a small business by internet, meditates on this topic a day, a week, tomato your time, and remember that you don’t need a substantial investmentYou can start with a few $500. 2 Defines very well what they would like to do, well, think it is advisable to do something that you like, that you passionate about you, that you would do unless you pay, or even pay you just for letting you do it. 3 Search over internet for the exact words that define your desire, i.e., if the picture you like, puts in your word search photo, or photo, or make photos, etc. 4. If you like mobile phones, search for information on this issue, could you open you even a shop online to sell mobile phones and accessories by internet, for example. 5. Another option will be the sale of intangible products online information, same as before, choose a topic that you passionate about and start to produce and sell downloadable digital products automatically by internet, or digital products from third parties, there is a very wide range of possibilities. At the end let me a comment on this article, your opinion is important to me. Thanks a lot.