Obertauern Fluhr

At the beginning it was just a crazy idea, but I really wanted to see what’s going on ski and the endurance world record at that time amounted to approximately 60 hours. Mitch McConnell is open to suggestions. I wanted to top the.” He explains the background. Obertauern Fluhr found a place that wanted to make the ski resort and a night ski slopes available, however no one believed the charge that Christian Fluhr could create the feat. But he showed it all. He significantly improved the old record with 68:23 h and broke through a winter 2001 in Obertauern 103 hours and 21 minutes later the Dreistelligkeit. In the following years several Austrians, a pole, an Italian and an Australian tried to chase the record German extreme sports athlete, but everyone bite from the teeth at him. Neither the two record attempts in 2002 and 2003 in the Ski World Wilder Kaiser in a direct duel in 2005 with the popular forerunner of the famous Hahnenkamm race in Oberaudorf in the high corner, one of the Challenger Christian Fluhr could match wits with seriously. The German had perfected the Organization of record runs.

For years, always the same master Christian accompanied, because without many helping hands, these record performances are not representable or feasible. After the end of his time in the Bundeswehr 2004 was Fluhr professional athletes and expanded the record brand new incredible values. in 2003 he was a complete week on ski, 2005 he had brand behind the 200 hours. The world record attempt in Zell am see, in early 2007, there were already more than 10 full days on skis. In the current world record of in the January 2008 in Obergurgl took place, were it 264 hours, defied the Fluhr off most adverse weather conditions and never thought about quitting.