These tissues to crochet as it is currently, appreciated are completely new. The appearance of this type of weaving method would not be very accurate. We have those who say that it comes from South America, others who placed its origin in China and who says that its origin is Arabia. Safe is not known. There are no tests or evidence prior to the 17TH century. In 1800 it is known in Europe. At the beginning he made up a fabric that is stretched on a frame or drum, so it was called also embroidery frame.

It is made with very fine threads and needles. Later he began weaving without a base fabric. Doing the task in the air at the beginning the clips were made with wood, metal or ivory. In 1900 they started making the series metal clips. This made it easier to crochet tissues would become popular and possible large number of women and men. While the crochet arrived in Europe, Royal dresses were manufactured with rich fabrics full of lace, silks and expensive items, made-up and elaborated with methods more onerous.

Fabrics and lace performed crochet looked them like a crude falsification of luxurious clothes of people more rich, by what were rejected. Queen Victoria, still began to show them. It called for Irish fabrics to crochet to craftsmen and women. She also learned to knit to crochet. This influence began to assess the talent of crochet. After 1950 began to use threads and needles more thick. Now it was more common to weave and needed less thread. Thus this ability was always popular. They began to introduce bright colors and use tissues to crochet in supplements and ornaments. Now, in a world with great haste, the skill of knitting to crochet, just like other artisanal accomplishments, tends to not exist. They are replaced by synthetic fabrics made with industrial machinery. In TejidosAlCrochet.com, we will do everything possible to make this craft technique, which many times creates tangible works of art, do not disappear. We want that the children continue wearing beautiful garments to crochet, woven especially for them with dedication. We will seek to continue watching net curtains and curtains of crochet behind the window glass. We wish to instruct, to those who want to know, how to crochet tissues, are made so that in turn they teach to others. We affirm fully that crochet is also a profitable work and we insist that, precisely so that does not disappear, give benefits to those who want to learn crochet and crochet to make a medium income. We invite you to share your story with those who do!