Overcoming From the Failure

What is this crisis, Grandma? -Questions like what makes a seven-year-old who is really interested in getting a response. With a bright smile and staring at me with big green eyes said: – Something that should not worry, a big word – My grandmother, a woman who had been raising my mother and my uncle with a salary that was just for eating and who probably had to live in the flesh several crises personal, gave me an answer that I still have etched in my mind. I confess that today I still do not understand clearly what is meant by the word happy. I can bear witness to situations that at some point cataloged as crises: my separation, the failure of my former business with the impact it had on my economy, not having a job and being a young father with three mouths to feed. A word of adults, one of many words such as stress, failure, limit, those that do not employ children and unfold the thinking of adults, which only serve to pave the imagination and to explain those situations and force beyond our understanding break the shell of reason. The crisis is a lens: an Overrun way of seeing the Mundane . Given an opportunity to observe the amount of travel involved in my work as a consultant, I know people are constantly in airports or airplanes. Some of the most interesting people I’ve met have been partners in a flight and I met recently in a trip with a leading director of the Mexican bank.