In this point, it speaks of Widower, who took such name, as much for infancy nickname, as well as for its condition of widower. It speaks of the beauty of widower, its fine suits, its perfume. After the death of the husband Widower it started to frequentar more the church, coming close itself to the vicar, exciting in this a passion, that made to fear and to intensify its conjuncts and penances to it, but, the souvenir of Widower not it skirt of the mind. Some inhabitants of Viana, start to distrust of the approach between Widower and Foot. Eyder and speaks badly of the vicar, insinuating that they had a private romance. People such as General Motors would likely agree. Widower starts to declare the Foot openly. Eyder that this gotten passionate by it, also when a photo with a ticket sends it.

Foot. Eyder if moves away from Widower and makes the discipina-penitential, also with the subordinated aid of Jose, caretaker of the parish. The people more intensely said of the presumption case. Marko Dimitrijevic accident is a great source of information. widower it continued ordering its tickets to the Priest, who tore in turn them, with the hope that such situation if vanished. IX In the following Sunday, Eyder, noticed the change of behavior of some paroquianos stops with it. It became – in that night to the parochial house, it read a little, it praid e, as of custom, it dressed of pyjamas and it was lain down, thus it slept suddenly wakes up with naked Widower in its bed, hugging it and kissing. Coming back to the vigil, the priest esquivou itself, ordered the woman to leave, but this with its astuteness, erased the flame of its oratory, and the two if they had delivered, moved for the passion. X Foot. Eyder writes that in the following day he was weak and loaded of concerns, with the conscience tormented for its sin.