PCN Knowledge

Already, the procedural contents involve actions commanded with an end, that is, directed for accomplishment of an objective, what it is learned to make, making, as: to jump, to write with cursiva letter, to draw, to cook, to direct, they can be called rules, techniques methods, dexterities or abilities. The atitudinais contents can be grouped in: values, attitudes or norms. Amongst these contents we can detach as an example: the cooperation, solidarity, work in group, taste for the reading, respect, ethics. To know more about this subject visit Pinterest. Valley still to point out that these contents are impregnated in the affective relations and of connivance that of form some can be disrespected by the school as contents important to be worked. Thus, Coll (1997) considers that the contents: conceptual Factuais and – that they correspond to the scientific commitment of the school: to transmit the knowledge socially produced.

Atitudinais – (norms and values) – that they correspond to the philosophical commitment of the school: to promote aspects that complete in them as human beings, that give a bigger dimension, that gives sensible reason and for the scientific knowledge. Procedimentais – that they are the objectives, results and ways to reach them, articulated for action, steps or procedures to be implemented and learned. The school must, therefore, to co-ordinate (Philosophy) and scientific knowledge (Science) to practically instrumentalizar theoretician and. CORRELATIONS TO the THEMATIC AXLES OF the PCN the intention of the PCN is to point goals of quality that help the pupil to face the current world as participativo, reflective and independent citizen, expert of its rights and duties. The PCN serve of referencial for the work of the professor respecting the proper pedagogical conception and the Brazilian cultural plurality. They are opened and flexible, being able to be adapted to the reality of each region. The National Curricular Parameters present the contents of the substances in thematic axles so that they are not treated as isolated subjects.