Phone Marketing

Times are changing, and changing the world. What worked in 80 years, is hopelessly out of date now. Think on what cars people drove, and now go to any auto show. And you'll see the enormous gulf that separates these two era. The same applies to the network marketing industry. The old methods no longer work. Tell me, you can win the championship of Formula 1. If you participate in the steepest bolide 80s.

Against the current? Reply unequivocal – no. Time for change has come. Let's look at what methods were used in old school mlm: 1. Sale of family 2. Compiled lists of friends (up to 1000 people) 3. Invite friends home for a presentation (objective drag) 4. Carrying out marketing plan at home and presentation of goods 5.

Weekly open meetings (to drag on any pretext) 6. Weekend workshops when lists ended, started working with strangers. 1. Sales offices – Setkovoy Marketing "2. Monthly purchase of its own to confirm qualification. 3. Badges with "attractive" phrases – Want to lose weight ask me how. 4. Leafleting 5. Advertisements in newspapers 6. Meeting in a cafe Remember these Technology, after which friends and acquaintances simply shied away "from networkers. After that, many people stayed only negative experiences. And the corresponding impression of network marketing. The next step of the development was development of Internet technologies. Let's call it – transition. When the consultants began to apply online. Got her own site – business cards with a catalog. " Them, and now the Internet is full. On which all of the company, all of products and one page about a person to whom it belongs. This method works if you do business offline. In order for existing customers do not bear another directory. So we began to approach the tipping point. When began a breakthrough in the mlm industry, via the Internet. It appeared websites – the first signs. Offer no food, no services – and the principle of network marketing – financial freedom, you can get through it. And information about people, we suggest this possibility. Already have a form that offers a candidate to fill the complete profile of yourself. Name, Last Name, First Name, City, Country, Phone, e-mail and a number of differently shaped questions. The idea is correct, but the influence of the old school is still high. Cold calls. It calls for people who left their phone number. To view information on the business, invite to an online conference. Effectiveness is low, and indeed the Technology for duplication difficult. Yet there is no understanding that people filled the questionnaire out of interest. They are interested in this opportunity. But there is no trust to whoever offers. And build a trusting relationship over the phone difficult. These are were the methods of the old school mlm. The basis of modern methods of mlm online business – marketing to attract and process automation recruitment and training. Also, there is always some additional sources income other than the core. The fact is that if newcomers do not receive income from the mlm business. In the first 3 months. They leave him for good. Now in RuNet revolution begins marketing network through the Internet. Come and Technology methods that have successfully proven in the west. And those who have their uses, and will apply. In the next 5 7 years will take leading positions in their mlm companies.