, New Search Portal For Physical Therapy Online

Specifically the appropriate physical therapy practice as find nationwide first platform for efficient physical therapist search went online in may 2013 the portal About 16,000 physical therapists in Germany can be compared here from interested parties. Founded by brothers David and Waldemar Lenz, is nationwide the company PhysioNet24 GbR with its Internet platform the first portal offering interested parties an overview of physiotherapists and physiotherapy practices, ordered according to their search criteria. Introduction and presentation of practices and therapist free use, extensive presentation options and nationwide entries make PhysioNet24 an optimal base for practices and patients who equally benefit from transparent and quick searching, as well as the clear possibility of comparison: physiotherapists and physical therapy can PhysioNet24 use extensively to present their offers and services. Own practice performances with opening hours and further important information is possible as well as the detailed description of courses and treatments, uploading photos and videos, as well as the publication of annotated patient recommendations. Interested parties can compare between the different practices and individually select the services suitable for themselves. Direct contact between therapists and patients thanks to the possibility to publish contact information as well as the offer of a contact form, address and telephone number on the profile page of practice using physiotherapists and physical therapy PhysioNet24, to connect with their patients directly. Prospects rely on the offer to answer questions and to arrange appointments. Contact person for press and public relations work is David Lenz,.