Plastics, as items are in great proliferation because of its ability to take in the production process different forms. The heated plastic amenable to compaction, and, cooling, retains a given shape. Such opportunity to give the plastic its composition – organic polymers or synthetic origin. Polymers possess unique molecular mesh. (Similarly see: Pinterest). Polymer molecule – a real giant, consisting of a large number of identical groups of atoms that are linked.

These molecules and are the basis of elasticity. The structure also includes a variety of plastics additives. The purpose of additives – to give the color of plastic, to accelerate the solidification process, etc. To obtain the final product, the product on the basis of the drawing, it is necessary to establish a process that is based on the heating and pressing. Plastics, part of this process is called recycling of plastics. In Depending on the specification chosen material of which holds the product and the recycling process. In the plastics industry are based on many factors, chief among which are: Design Features details (size, shape, complexity, thread, marking) Operational requirements (gain reinforcement, the accuracy of tolerances and landings) Quantity production order (the total number of required items to order) Economic component (depreciation of equipment, additional equipment manufacturer) hr aspects (number and qualification of workers involved in the execution of an order)..